About us

In a world governed by massive economic and financial undercurrents where millions of transactions amounting to several billions of dollars are contracted on a daily basis we offer a unique and instant transaction network that handles and manages fiat and digital payments in a secure and efficient way.The operation of our own special digital currency XiK gives our services the necessary cutting edge needed to thrive in the murky waters of business. With the intrinsic ability to be used anywhere and anytime with instant transfer of funds without any attendant inflation, XiK is a game changer in digital currency operations. The bane of financial transactions is security which is why along with the O2O marketplace available on our portal; we have incorporated a QR code based payment system to make payments as seamless as possible! Our vision is to become the world first payment network where consumers cannot just buy products and services alone but can also borrow and lend money from others. When you patronize us, you are sure to join our long list of satisfied and happy customer base. We believe in giving you the very best and the best is what you will get from us.


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We are based in Stockholm , Sweden.

iTransa AB